Well first off, you do. But also....

  1. All of us through a better environment

  2. Low income families who cannot afford to buy new, they can get building materials for cents on the dollar

  3. Building owners by virtue of tax donations

  4. Other beneficiaries and direct recipients of our materials include architects, artists, developers, and patrons at ReUse Depot

Whether you are an architect, general building contractor, building owner, or government agency, we stand ready to provide you with a package of benefits including:

  1. Environmentally sound demolition (we like the word deconstruction)

  2. Materials salvage

  3. Skilled crews

  4. Tax donations for all the materials donated to The Reuse People (Our 501(c)3 Non-Profit Partner)

  5. Lower overall project costs

  6. Complete training programs for the unemployed and underemployed  

  7. The assurance that someone, somewhere reuses the materials generated from your project

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