You've got questions? We've got the answers here. If not, contact us



You've got questions? We've got the answers here. If not, contact us

What is Deconstruction? It is a practical, economic and environmentally friendly sustainable solution to demolition. By hand deconstructing structures, Deconstruction Solutions can salvage for reuse up to 85% of all the buildings components.

How does the homeowner benefit? In cooperation with The Reuse People of America, Inc, the homeowner receives a tax donation for all the materials salvaged by Deconstruction Solutions. The materials include lumber, doors, windows, carpeting, plumbing and electrical fixtures, appliances, hardwood flooring, etc. Further, the materials salvaged reduces the homeowners cost of disposal and any tax benefit reduces the overall project costs. The value of used building material donations can often be substantial, in some cases, large enough to pay for the entire cost of the deconstruction.

What is the process of donation and deconstruction? There are several steps, but all are very straight forward. Assuming the value of the materials in your house is over $5,000, the IRS requires you to have third party independent appraisal of their value. Deconstruction Solutions will send you a list of independent appraisers who are qualified and have appraised the value of materials for our former donors. You will then hire Deconstruction Solutions to deconstruct your house and deliver all salvaged materials to The ReUse People of America, Inc. They prepare complete inventories on the materials salvaged and send them to your appraiser. The appraiser then prepares IRS form 8283 with the final value of the materials listed on the form and sends it to you with a full appraisal report. You attach the IRS form 8283 to your 1040 when you file next year.

How long does it take? Typically, we can deconstruct between 700 and 1,000 square feet per week.

Where do the materials go? All materials are delivered to ReUse Depot or local reuse building centers and warehouses across the country. From there they are either sold to the general public, shipped to low income markets in foreign countries, or donated to other nonprofit agencies.

Do you do renovations? You don’t have to take down the whole house to benefit from deconstruction. We can also “gut” your home for renovation.

Deconstruction vs. Demolition

Deconstruction vs. Demolition

Six compelling reasons to avoid demolition: 

  1. Throwing away buildings is anti-green.

  2. Landfills are already overburdened and few are being built. 

  3. Dwindling landfill space means disposal costs are rising. 

  4. Most used building materials have value. 

  5. Maintaining a supply of used building materials increases the standard of living in most communities. 

  6. Tax donations are available for reusable building materials donated to nonprofit organizations.

Source: The ReUse People

The example above is a composite of actual jobs and used here to make an economic comparison. Figures vary depending on location, age and condition of the home and materials, topography, type of siding and interior walls, distance from a partner retail-warehouse, landfill rates, etc. Still, the economics almost always favor deconstruction (with The ReUse People tax donation) over demolition.

Who benefits from deconstruction?

Who benefits from deconstruction?

Well first off, you do. But also....

  1. All of us through a better environment

  2. Low income families who cannot afford to buy new, they can get building materials for cents on the dollar

  3. Building owners by virtue of tax donations

  4. Other beneficiaries and direct recipients of our materials include architects, artists, developers, and patrons at ReUse Depot

Whether you are an architect, general building contractor, building owner, or government agency, we stand ready to provide you with a package of benefits including:

  1. Environmentally sound demolition (we like the word deconstruction)

  2. Materials salvage

  3. Skilled crews

  4. Tax donations for all the materials donated to The Reuse People (Our 501(c)3 Non-Profit Partner)

  5. Lower overall project costs

  6. Complete training programs for the unemployed and underemployed  

  7. The assurance that someone, somewhere reuses the materials generated from your project

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