Six compelling reasons to avoid demolition: 

  1. Throwing away buildings is anti-green.

  2. Landfills are already overburdened and few are being built. 

  3. Dwindling landfill space means disposal costs are rising. 

  4. Most used building materials have value. 

  5. Maintaining a supply of used building materials increases the standard of living in most communities. 

  6. Tax donations are available for reusable building materials donated to nonprofit organizations.

Source: The ReUse People

The example above is a composite of actual jobs and used here to make an economic comparison. Figures vary depending on location, age and condition of the home and materials, topography, type of siding and interior walls, distance from a partner retail-warehouse, landfill rates, etc. Still, the economics almost always favor deconstruction (with The ReUse People tax donation) over demolition.